Dental Bridges

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth along the same row, long term non-removable zirconia crown bridges will solve this issue for you. Zirconia crown bridges will restore functionality and beauty to your smile within 6 days.

Zirconium crown bridges in Turkey are made of zirconia, a naturally white metal from the titanium family.  They are extremely strong and give a natural appearance to your teeth.  Zirconia crown bridges are made using CEREC© CAD/CAM technology with 3D printing and are hand finished by expert technicians to create a bespoke and perfect fit for your mouth.

The process for creating and adhering crown bridges involves two fitting sessions.  Crown bridges are made to specifically suit your anatomy, and are completely customizable for everything from color, to length, to shape. This gives you the opportunity to fine tune the shape, appearance, and color of your new teeth before they are permanently adhered for a perfect fit.

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Zirconia crown prices from just 110 £

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Zirconia crowns are an integral part of the Hollywood Smile treatment, combining with other personalized treatments to create your own perfect Hollywood Smile! So whether you need to reapair one or two teeth or want a full mouth of between 20 to 28 zirconia crowns, the price and the quality of dental crowns in Turkey with MedAntalya is right!

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