Is the quality of healthcare in Turkey equal to my home country?

You can rest assured the hospitals MedAntalya contracts with are held to the same high standards of quality, care, service, and procedures as are American facilities. JC, or the Joint Commission, is an American non-profit organization that accredits, sets standards, and certifies health care organizations within the United States and is recognized as a symbol of quality and exceptional practices. The international arm, JCI holds international facilities to the same high standards as those in the USA in order to receive accreditation. MedAntalya only works with doctors and facilities who hold the JCI accreditation, and you can expect to receive the same high standards of care as you would at home, but at a fraction of the price!

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Yes! Over 39 million tourists traveled to Turkey in 2017 with 1.6 million of those being British nationals. That makes Turkey the 6th most visited country in the world! The majority of these trips were to the Mediterranean coast, including Antalya, and experienced no untoward situations. It’s easy to see why tourists are flocking to Turkey in the millions, with its pristine coast lines, ancient ruins, historical cities, not to mention the unparalleled hospitality and unbelievably favorable exchange rate, there’s never been a better time to experience Turkey!

Of course in this day and age we are seeing terrorist attacks take place all over Europe, from Paris to London to Lisbon, and we can’t pretend Turkey is exempt from this unfortunate trend. However, it’s worth noting that most terrorist attacks have taken place in the eastern part of the country, or the large cities of Ankara and Istanbul, far from Antalya. Additionally, the targets have generally been the Turkish state, civilians, and demonstrations; tourists and westerners are typically not targets of aggression within Turkey. Antalya in particular has not been a target of terrorist behavior, nor is Antalya affected by the refugee crisis that is prominent throughout most of Europe.

Turkey remains a warm and welcoming country, where you can experience a sunny and safe holiday.

How long do I have stay?
The length of stay required depends upon the procedure you select. However, most of our surgeries require a one week stay, beginning at the first consultation with the doctor. This one week includes consultation, surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital, recovery in the hotel, and follow-up appointment with the doctor. If you would like to enjoy beautiful Antalya before you begin the medical portion of your trip, we can arrange for an extended stay in the hotel, as well as organized tours or excursions. Or perhaps you’d just like to spend a few extra days lounging by the pool, and we couldn’t fault you for that! Our hotels are beyond beautiful and relaxing, and with the all-inclusive choice, you won’t have to lift a finger! Pure bliss.
What if I have complications after I return home?

We at MedAntalya understand how difficult it can be to have a surgery in a foreign country, and we are fully dedicated to making this process as safe and comfortable for you as it can be. Our team will be accompanying you along the way making sure all your questions are answered and all your concerns are heard.

However, no surgery is without risks, whether performed abroad or locally. If you do happen to experience any complications, or even have any questions after you return home, you can reach us at MedAntalya 24 hours a day. A video call if necessary will be arranged with the doctor, and if further intervention is needed the doctor will recommend you to make an appointment with a local doctor, or work with a local doctor to call in a prescription to a local pharmacy.

Whether before, during, or after your travels, we are at your service to ensure full satisfaction.

How realistic is the “holiday” part of the trip?

Totally realistic! The medical portion of your trip will in general take one week, from doctor consultation, to recovery, to transport back to the airport. Depending upon your surgery, and with your doctor’s approval, as soon as you feel ready after your surgery we encourage you to get out and explore the historic center center of Antalya, or take a tour of the nearby ancient Roman and Greek ruins. We can even arrange a more lengthy tour or excursion for you, whatever your heart desires! Or, if pure relaxation is more your style, bask in the sun next to your 5 star pool or lounge along the sea to the sound of the lapping waves. Of course, you can also take a few extra days, even a week, at the beginning of your trip to enjoy all the splendor of Antalya. The gorgeous beaches, relaxing by the pool, and exploring all of the historical sights are made even more enjoyable with Antalya’s average of 300 days of sunshine per year! There’s never a bad time to visit Antalya!

Can someone travel with me?

It is always fun to travel with company, and we welcome anyone who wishes to accompany you throughout this process. Whether it be a sibling, parent, spouse, or a friend we will take care of all the details for you both and make you feel at home. If you wish to travel alone, never fear, we will be with you every step of the way. Either with a companion or without, you can be ensured to never feel lonely throughout your trip with MedAntalya.

Why do turkey teeth look fake?

The term “turkey teeth” is being used for the teeth that look too bulky, too white, and are all the same length, not natural looking teeth. The reason for that is that the teeth are machine made. Also the low skills and lack of experience of the dental tecnicians can result this bad appearance. As MedAntalya Dental Clinic, we are proud of our hand-crafted natural looking teeth that are made by our 25 years of experienced expert technicians. Thanks to our in-house laboratuary, for each patient we are providing standardized high quality and natural looking teeth which are made according to the patient’s face and patient’s natural smile while taking into account our patient’s requests. It is an honour for us to hear from our patients that “the teeth you made for my friend are the most beautiful and most natural looking teeth I have ever seen” 

Why Are Teeth Treatments So Affordable in Turkey?
The main cost difference for a dental treatment between western countries and Turkey starts at the Salaries of dentists and dental staff.For example, say a dentist in UK earns 20.000 GBP or in USA 20.000 USD. A dentist in Turkey earns 60.000 Turkish lira which is equal to 1800 GBP or 2200 USD.Although 60.000 turkish lira is a good salary in Turkey for a dentist, in sterlin or dolar wise, it is low. This is giving the chance to provide lower prices in GBP, USD or EURO.